...and from that one casual comment one balmy evening on the Ocean Terrace sprang an entire Ocean Edge logo collection, with everything from tee shirts, tumblers, tote bags and, yes, Vineyard Vines ties, all sporting our ubiquitous Ocean Edge fellow. Three tie designs, in fact, each more fun than the next.

Who could have anticipated the rave reviews, especially from groups and wedding parties who arrive looking for last-minute quality swag?  The Vineyard Vine Mansion ties are a great item for men and boys in the wedding party or for special guests (and bosses, ahem!). But you can make the whole crowd happy with this great collection of Ocean Edge logo booty, from Vineyard Vines, Tervis Tumblers and Under Armour.  What better way to put guests in the Cape Cod frame of mind than to outfit their rooms with a Vineyard Vines tote bag stuffed with a pair of Tervis Tumblers, a soft cotton t-shirt and a giant bag of Cape Cod chips?  

Enjoy the shop. And let us know how you like the merchandise.

Since the idea started with folks like you, help us keep it going. What else would you like to see as part of our collection? Email us at oceanedgeshop@gmail.com!

Join in.  Please be nice and stay on topic.

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